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    between personally I think one of the best things about winter is that it gives you the opportunity to really focus on yourself in your mental world because we're literally inside all the time so it's like physically and mentally indoors and then that really enables us to reflect those things outwards with any sort of like spiritual practice and this doesn't have to be religious or anything like that it's just thinking about rituals that are meaningful to us meaningful to you and then finding ways to incorporate that into a daily or weekly routine and this creates a really great opportunity for reflection think of ways on how to improve and renewal of self so this is a time when I think you can really look towards these like physical objects to help compliment and encourage a routine shift so things like notebooks and journaling or even like you know a simple gwasha like I hate when self-care is directly related to these tools because it's not self carries more about using these to then think about the broader perspective and what it means in your life and how you should improve right so Rowena obviously really









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